Since their sell-out debut show at Auckland’s iconic Backbeat Bar in September 2014, She Loves You has been a dominant presence in Auckland’s live music scene. The alternative rock group, coming from background of jazz, taps into the veins of rock, blues and punk in a musical exploration of delight. Inside their live set, their sound emulates a heavy cloud of incense — at times furious, and at all times, unafraid to be loud. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Critical Acclaim


”I am blown away. She Loves You are very, very cool in the same way the Queens of The Stone Age are cool or Nick Cave is cool. They have energy, swagger, attitude and are clearly having a great time. The songs get stronger as the set proceeds and the mix of indie alternative rock with real stage presence is a breath of fresh air.”




She Loves You brought the goods last night not only musically but in sheer stage performance.The all-female group have been making the rounds on the local circuit and have been gaining quite the reputation as a must see band." 


 - Ambient Light

"I don’t think I realised exactly how much of a treat we were in for tonight, as front-woman Madeline Berry commands the stage effortlessly. It’s obvious just how much she loves being up there - throwing smiles at the camera, and dancing all up and around bassist Cassandra King, and guitarist Jessie Booth."..."I’m transfixed watching Katie Baya drum, as I’ve never seen anyone maintain such great beats, whilst also maintain such a huge grin on her face the entire time - pulling faces and grinning at her fellow band-mates whenever she catches their eye."..."The whole band demand our attention, as they whip through songs about tinder dates (that their friends went on) and serial killers, all full of sass and so much confidence you could bottle it up."

- The Mousai. 

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Vocals - Madeline Berry

Guitar - Jessie Booth

Bass - Cassandra King

Drums - Kate Baya

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